Thank you for your interest in TIME.

We value your interest in us. We are an organisation that believes in helping people achieve their dreams. Should the stars align and you end up being a part of TIME, then we say – Welcome!

But even if that doesn’t happen, we wish you all the best anyway in all your endeavours!

Message from Talent Acquisition

You could be responding to an advertised vacancy, or you could be writing in hopes that there could be something suitable for you. Whatever your reasons are, we say – thank you for your interest in us! We really appreciate it.

Whatever the situation is, we think it’s useful to give you some key facts about working in TIME. Hopefully enough information to be useful, but not too much for you to say – ‘Stop!!!’

We wish you all the best in your interest in us. Given the large number of applications that we receive, we must apologise if we are not able to respond to everyone, though we try! Should we shortlist you, we’ll contact you for further discussions and supply you with more detailed information about TIME.



Please take a moment to read the following notes below:

Make yourself a cup of tea / coffee / favourite drink. It’s going to be a long read from here on out so please ensure you are properly hydrated!

Make yourself comfortable. Sit in your favourite arm chair, relax on a garden bench in the park, enjoy the aroma of coffee in your favourite coffee shop – anything that will let you feel at peace, be calm and able to absorb the myriad of information and philosophy that we are sharing with you.

If you have a set of earphones / headphones that allows you to listen to your favourite tunes to help you relax, get in the mood and be at peace while reading – so much the better! We want you to be immersed on this journey, listening to our arguments on what makes us different from others, and on how we strive to stand out against the competition.


  • We are curious, fun and appreciate innovation

  • We promote work life balance and our working hours are flexible

  • We are too cool for ties. Smart casual is our game!

  • We care about you and your families’ health and wellbeing

  • We have an indoor slide and a cafe! How fun is that?!


At TIME, we connect you to our customers from around the world, in and around 4 continents through our many investments in Malaysia and across Asia. But we are much more than just an internet service provider. We work behind the scenes to ensure your internet experience is seamless, served to you on our 100G Coherent Technology.

In an industry where speed is literally everything that matters, we welcome people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to help build a future where everyone and everything is seamlessly connected. If you have the drive, curiosity, passion, and collaborative spirit and embody the values of BOLD, CAB-DO and QUICK, work with us, and let’s connect the world, together



What can you do in TIME? Well consider this – if you like technology, telecommunications and operations – we have these. We have the Fastest Fixed Network and provide the Fastest Broadband in Malaysia, proven by Speedtest results by Ookla, the global leader in internet testing and analysis! So we have plenty of career opportunities for engineers, technicians, IT professionals, project management experts and other support and operational staff.

Or if your passion is servicing our beloved customers, then we offer loads of career opportunities in our customer fronting outfits – serving Carrier, Wholesale, OTT, Enterprise, Consumer and even International markets! We also have many other positions, especially in Customer Experience, whose responsibilities are to ensure our customers’ TIME experience a pleasant and delightful one.

Of course, for a Company that is continuously growing, there are lots of great opportunities for people in marketing, sales, distribution, branding, social media and communications. Technology is important to us, so rest assured there are plenty of opportunities for smart, technology-savvy people.

To round things up, we have many opportunities in many aspects of corporate functions e.g. human resources, finance, procurement, internal audit, people management, strategy and planning, new business development, legal and regulatory, safety and security.

We are growing all the time, and we want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to modern digital solutions and technology.

In conclusion, there’s a myriad of opportunities for many types of professions in TIME. And all of these are happening in a unique, high-energy: BOLD, CAN-DO and QUICK culture where people truly are valued and cherished, where inspiration and passion are expected of everybody, and where successes are celebrated.

This is indeed one of the best places to grow your career!



From operating our Cross Peninsular Cable System (CPCS), connecting Thailand to Singapore via 5 routes across Peninsular Malaysia, managing the Sistem Kabel Rakyat 1Malaysia (SKR1M), connecting Peninsular Malaysia to East Malaysia, working with our Global Partners such as Facebook, Google, SK Telekoms to name a few in managing the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG), Asia Africa Europe-1 (AAE-1), UNITY and Faster Cable System across South Asia, North America and Europe, TIME has proven, and will continue to prove, that in serving a successful, profitable Fibre Optics Communications Company, we want to make sure that everybody working with us works in a conducive working environment – with utmost regard to our Employees’ health, safety and security, the environment we work in and the communities we serve.

In the telecommunications business, we owe it to our Employees to make sure that we work in the safest possible manner. Senior management provides strategy and leadership, but all of us are responsible in producing an operational environment that is sustainable.


When we hire our Employees – the first thing we will look at is Competency. This is always the first thing to consider and as to whether you have the necessary skills, experiences and education to be successful in the tasks that you need to perform.

On top of this, we don’t want such Employees to remain in the same tasks forever, but we want people who will find ways to deliver on functions that require more effort and creativity. So we look for people that have potential for growth and the ability and willingness to take on more responsibility.

It goes without saying too, that it’s important that any new Employee joining us gets along with their colleagues; and more importantly, how they will get along with potential clients, customers and partners. So it’s really important that you have the willingness and ability to be harmonious with your prospective colleagues and superior. Lack of compatibility only means big problems!

We also want to know whether a candidate is serious about working at TIME for the long term, or are just passing through, and always job hopping and looking for something better. Long-term commitment is what we want, because we are a Company of sustainable high performance and long-term growth.

Though not the first thing mentioned, Integrity and Honesty is paramount in TIME. Your values must be aligned with our values. We want people who are honest. We want people who always tell the truth. We want people who keep promises. We want people who are able to be reproached when reproach is needed. We value selflessness and being a teamplayer.

Every business has a culture or a way that dictates people’s behaviour and interaction with each other, including ours. TIME’s culture is based on certain values and behavioural expectations that influence the behaviour of our leaders and our Employees. Employees who reflect the Company’s culture will of course be less disruptive to business and operational priorities.

From a compensation point of view, as an Employer, we want to be sure that we pay competitively based on market standards. Internal equity is very important. We also offer attractive middle-term and long-term rewards for our high-performing Employees: and we hope that you are one of them!


We are competitive by containing costs and striving to be continuously lean and efficient. We attack inefficiencies and waste, push for the best possible value in our spending and purchases, and we never let out guard down in being efficient. We use ratios and analytics to ensure that we remain profitable. Working in TIME is about being efficient. The better we attack costs, the more competitive our products and services will be, the more resources will be made available to grow the business and the better the rewards for our hardworking Employees.


Our personality is all about how we behave collectively as a family in TIME. This is crucial to the harmony and serenity of our business as we are very particular about how we come across to the people around us. How we communicate – to everyone, internally as well as externally is very important to us. At the end of the day, we are at the very basic levels human beings. Thus, we need to remember that we are dealing with people who are able to emote, think and feel and are multi-faceted as compared to robots, who are tasked to complete a single process and are emotionless.


In short, collaboration helps innovation. We realise that there is so much shared knowledge, experience and passion across TIME, finding ways to unleash these elements will give us the best advantage of opportunities and to tackle problems.

We celebrate Collaboration. We want our people to work together: with internal and external partners to complete tasks and achieve our goals.

We celebrate Innovation. We want new ideas, creative thoughts, and new imaginations in form of tools or method. We continuously want to implement better solutions that meet new requirements, existing market needs and even unarticulated / future needs.


In building a unique, fun and challenging workplace, there are a few things that we keep in mind. This is important to us because when we do this, then our people will have the eagerness to come to work, to give their all and produce their best. We believe in putting the emphasis on producing great results, challenging the norm and exceeding people expectations. Mundane and predictable goals and expectations are not TIME.

We also make it a point to focus on real work and adding value, rather than getting obsessed with unnecessary bureaucracy and over-the-top processes.

We keep things simple when we can. We believe in being fair, open and transparent and flexible, quick to act and to react.


In excessive hierarchies, levels, grades, job titles, protocols, prestige and other things just for the sake of “doing what others do”or “this always how we do things around here”. We are totally against power distance. The higher an Employee progresses in TIME, the higher the accountability and responsibility.

Everything we do, must be done the TIME way. And it is thus important, that only the right people join TIME. If you are amongst those who are far from more “conventional”organisations – then TIME is the perfect place for you! But if you wish to bring in the “conventional”way of doing things to TIME, then we may not be the best place for you.


We create a diverse, positive, respectful and fun working environment for people of all backgrounds. the way we promote and recognise our people is through their talent and performance.

We are committed to giving equal employment opportunities to everyone; and we do so by creating an environment free from any discrimination, whether it is due to skin colour, religion, race, gender, political orientation, age, marital status, ancestry, socioeconomic status, physical disabilities, or whatever they may be. We do not, and will never accept bullying, harassment or any other behaviour that can be seen as degrading and threatening to anyone or to the organisation. We focus on what brings people together rather than on what keeps them apart.


The TIME Values represents us in the organisation, defines our behaviours and our interactions with each other. All products, services, even the way we present ourselves to our customers is defined by these values. It is our tenent, and hence it is important that everyone who becomes a part of TIME learn its key points.


Who says if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? We say, break it, so you can fix it. We’re not afraid to do something differently from our competitors so we can be better


  • (of a person, action, or idea) showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous.

    “a bold attempt to be the no. 1 Fibre Broadband provider”


When it’s all been said, we get things done. At TIME, we’re not just try-ers, we’re do-ers, and we believe there’s always a solution to every problem

  • characterised by or exhibiting a determination or willingness to take action and achieve results.

    ”We can do better than our Competitors, working with even less resources than them!”


Time waits for no problem to solve itself. We’re on the case faster than customers can say “help”, coming up with solutions based on real needs

  • moving fast or doing something in a short time.

    “we are a lean organisation as compared to our competitors, hence we need to move quickly against them”

  • prompt to understand, think, or learn; intelligent.

    ”the movement from 3G to 4G was quicker than 2G to 4G. We need to be ready for 7G, and not wait for 5G!

Our Value Proposition to YOU!

Fast Paced Industry

Telecommunications is not an easy industry to learn in, as it ranks just as high as financial services in terms of stress level! However, imagine what you can learn and absorbed if you spend some time with us. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Besides, browsing on our ultra fast network while working is a perk in itself!

Great Working Culture!

We will always find a way – even if we have to dig deep to get it! We value people who are honest, sincere, willing to show their worth by working hard to develop themselves. We are colour blind, nor do we address people as “Sir, Madam, Maam, Tuan, Datuk, Boss etc.! It’s first name basis here, and we don’t mind to have a fist bump if we meet you on your first day!

We are proud to be Malaysian, and we truly are a Malaysian Company, in name and in practice, hence why we celebrate all festivals here! We dare to be different because we’re “BOLD”. We’re gung ho and “CAN-DO” everyday as speed is in our blood, as well as our product and services, and we are “QUICK” to the market before others!

We Reward Well!

We’re not ashamed to admit that we want the best people working here! Hence why, when TIME is doing well, our top performers are rewarded well. We take care of you – from the moment we receive your application, to when you join and be a part of our family. What we need from you is your drive, desire and hunger to improve yourself – and we will do the rest!

We take care of your Health!

When you join TIME, you’re a part of our family. We’ll take care of you when you’re unwell – and we have different medical package designs for people with different needs. We do not subscribe to the option of only having “premium beds” in hospitals for Managers!

We firmly believe everybody in TIME deserves access to the best health options available – irrespective of their level and position

Long Term Incentives for Trail Blazers

 We cherish the record breakers, those who traverse the “road less taken”, the daredevils and the high flyers. Throughout your time with us in TIME, if you’re consistent in what you do, in how you perform and what you produce – we will ensure that your needs are taken care of, and we have a retention plan that will encourage you to strive further together with us.

Lean, Mean, Working Machine!

We practice a lean structure – meaning it’s easy to work with each other, zero politics and easy access to senior management. Everybody works in the same space. Similar tables and chairs. No special rooms. We share the same pantries, toilets, library, foosball table, ping pong table (except if you’re competitive!) etc.

If we could have a table similar to what students in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry experience, we would! At our table, everyone has an equal share.

We know how to have FUN!

We know how to have fun. We have a T-REX… errr, we mean T-RECS (TIME Welfare, Recreational and Sports Club) – we’re have no issues in climbing mountains, going to beaches, playing football, racing go-karts, bowling – the list goes on and on!

We know how to celebrate, whether it is our national festivities, our Townhall sessions, our major milestones, Annual Dinners, even to when we have our Fruit Festivals (Durian is a must!). We will celebrate it – together with everyone in TIME!

We’ve been awarded the Fastest Broadband in Malaysia by Ookla, based on analysis of Speedtest Intelligence data for Q3-Q4 2018!

We have subsea investments in UNITY, Asia Pacific Gateway (APG), Asia-Africa-Europe-1 (AAE-1) and the Faster cable system, covering two thirds of the world.

We are certified with Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (CECP) by the Malaysian Ethernet Forum (MEF)

Latest News

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Latest News

Check our what’s new in TIME!