We’re listeners and advocates, mentors and hosts. We view students as individuals, the recruiting process as a shared adventure, and decisions as conversations.We encourage the young and the bold to come to TIME to prove themselves as the next class of interns and new grads who are willing to learn, embrace change and be a part of the working culture in TIME.


At TIME, we look for new graduates who are ready to make a difference and have an immediate impact on our product and services, especially where Telecommunications is concerned. Our exponential growth over the past year has come with immense technical challenges.

As a new graduate, we want you to challenge the norm, to stand up, speak up and give your opinions as you work and manage  diverse, critical projects, and be empowered to build tools, features, and infrastructure, often from scratch.

We welcome graduates who are technically internet savvy, willing to get their hands dirty and are not afraid to show what it means to be a person born in the new millennium. As a Company that delivers Fibre Optic broadband to the masses, we expect no less.


  • You can check our LinkedIn and JobStreet applications to see if there are any available positions in TIME

  • Once you find an available positions, apply for the positions by sending in your CV to the respective recruitment sites

  • Alternatively, you may also send your job applicants to recruitment@time.com.my